new ideas for our sport ?

Send them, we will translate (french and english) and publish them (if they are really good ;-). ''

idea #3 : to improve instant results in trix

Explanation of the concept : 

I believe, we all (skiers, team captains, coaches, judges, organizers) agree that we have to improve instant result in tricks. It is necessary for the sport not to have anymore scrores changed 30 minutes after the end of the tricks final of a world or E&A champ. For medias and spectators, this is not understandable. In parrallel, Judges have to improve and that's what the TC is trinyg to do during the past X years with E&A judges and the exam difficulty in tricks. 

The idea is simple : we just have to consider the results announced by the jury during the tricks round as the "official provisional result" mentionned in the rules. It means that as soon as this result is set and announced, the time for reviewing tricks sheets start. This delay, should be shortened to 15 minutes.

It also means that all scores published become instantely officials (like in slalom or jump) and the "Score Sheet Availability period" time starts.(rule 6.04)  

I proposed this idea during the last judge seminar in Milano and here is a little more detailled explanation. ' read more...'

idea #2 : petition against rule 6.04

ven. 24 janv. 2014
idea #1 : a new website to think about our sport