mer. 22 janv. 2014


A new rule was added to the regulations in 2013 on how the judges will write their paper presented in 2014 : the rule ( 6.04 *) wants to force judges to write the official figures codes in addition to the " shorthand " of judges * from 2014.

The purpose of this petition is to collect a large number of "signature" on the part of officials from around the world for the World TC removes the rule of law in 2014.

The arguments advanced by the TC S & A at the seminar in Barcelona in April 2013 are not convincing as many judges and calculations with whom I talked throughout the 2013 season :

The main argument against this rule is simple:
Changing the mode of reasoning between writing shorthand and writing codes is against productive in the quality of work of judges and especially the quality of the judgment which is ultimately harmful for skiers.

This is a loss of concentration which leaves less time for judges to read , review some sequences in their head and get ready for the "review" of the passage they have just seen live .

To have personally tested writing on course to more than 10,000 points, I have no real problem writing codes ( being calculated , I know them well ) . The problem is mainly the time lost on the one hand and devolution on the course found other.

In the " big events " ( cash price or compete as ) , many skiers are professionals and judges are not . Judges must respect the maximum working skiers in several directions. It should result in low season on video, attend seminars judges get TC of workout videos , short, make every effort to ensure that the quality of our judgments is the best possible.

The new rule distracts us from that goal because we removed a portion of our time and our concentration in the judgment of a passage.

One of the goals of changing regulations is to assist the jury to make a quick and reliable results , this rule and the loss of time and quality in our judgment goes against this goal.

To complete this argument , here are some issues raised by the TC to support this rule

  1. FOR : help calculations to avoid errors .
    AGAINST : Calculations know the ratings of judges and are used to recognize them . If in doubt , they can ask each judge at the beginning of the competition sheet with their shorthand as is done for several years.
  2. FOR : to help understand team captain leaves judges.
    AGAINST : for years , the leaves of the judges are always accompanied by "Master Sheets " or printed from the computer program "type leaves ." Do not take the team captains or less competent skiers they are .

Hope these arguments convince you to sign the petition " AGAINST THE RULE 6.04 " .

This probably will push the global E & C and TC to reconsider their decision to incorporate this new rule in 2014 , and re- open the rélfexion . 


* extract from rule 6.04 version 2013 :
" For tricks, judges using shorthand codes other than the official Shall Have a sample of Their shorthand posted showing Their mark for EACH of the official codes per the table in the rulebook. judges are required to list the official code and / or changes for EACH trick . scorer May The judges reasonably interpret the form to allow for any mistakes in writing down trick codes. Recommended IMMEDIATELY, and mandatory from 1st January 2014.
Shorthand can be used to write the run INITIALLY , the order code must be written in before the sheets are handed to the Calculator (who must be aussi Given a copy of Each Judge's shorthand ) . "